Background Check

The requirements for our tenants are as follows:

  1. No eviction filings.
  2. No violent felonies on your record.
  3. No credit scores below 600.
  4. Income must be at least 3 times monthly rent, with proof from applicant’s 2 most recent paystubs. Unemployment income cannot be considered.
  5. Verifiable reference from your previous landlord.
  6. Non-family references.

If you do not meet the minimum credit score but you have an otherwise clean application with good rental history, solid job and excellent references, we will strongly consider applicants with a double deposit.

Candidates who have no rental history AND have never owned their own home will not be accepted. Minimum requirements for all of the above apply to each adult that is applying to live in the house. 

To get pre-approved and schedule a showing for the house you want to rent, click here. It’s free and doesn’t hit your credit. After you are pre-approved, and you are ready to proceed to the application and background check, download the free RentRedi app on your smartphone and submit the application. Each adult (18 and older) who will be living in the house must fill out the application separately. There is a $50 fee for the background check, payable upon submission of the application. Each adult must pay the $50 fee.