Landlords are NOT Getting Rich Off of Tenants!

If you’ve ever rented a house before, you’ve probably assumed that the landlord was getting rich off of you. While owning rental houses is a good long-term investment, landlords are most certainly not getting rich in the short term. Consider a typical rent of $1,000. Where does that money go? Most homes have a mortgage, … Continued

2 Things You MUST Know Before Selling to an Investor

  You’ve probably seen the street signs or Facebook ads, or even received a letter in the mail. There are people and companies who want to buy your house! Maybe you’ve wondered what you need to know before you sign a contract with one of these investors or professional house buyers. There are two critical … Continued

The Seller I Just Had to Help

For as long as I live, I can NEVER forget meeting her. Or her home. I expected a regular home visit – ya know, the kind where I shake someone’s hand, walk through their home quickly  (so as not to be too intrusive), leave, return home to do my homework and get them a quote … Continued

The Great Recession of 2020!

“There is going to be a recession in 2020!” …Well, that was the rumor floating around scaring the pants off of everyone. Did you hear it too? Dang! Gossip can be nasty. I hope you didn’t help spread that rumor. It. Was. Everywhere. How much credibility is there to this claim? Many experts had been … Continued