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Do You Know Someone Who Needs to Sell Their House?

we want to give you $1000 CASH!

Help connect us to your friend. If we buy their house, we will pay you $1000! It’s that simple.

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Referral Program – What It Is

We are always on the lookout for houses to buy. We buy all sorts of houses and help people get out of all sorts of situations. One way we do it is by asking other people for help. Do you know someone who needs to sell their house fast, or needs to sell a house that’s vacant or needs work?

If you refer someone to us and we end up buying their house from them, we will pay you $1,000. You read that right. We will pay you $1,000 on the same day that the purchase is official. All you have to do is put us in touch with the person who is selling the house and get us talking. Then we negotiate with the seller and hopefully make a deal to buy their house. At closing, we pay you $1,000. It’s that easy!

Referral Program – What It Isn’t

What we aren’t looking for is someone to look through Zillow or Craigs List and find a house that’s currently for sale. Don’t tell us that you saw a house with a “for sale” sign in the yard and it looks like it needs work. If you don’t know who owns the house or how to get in touch with them, we’re not interested. The key to this whole program is that you must have a personal relationship with the owner of the house and you put us in contact with them.

Referral Program – How It Works

Fill out the form on this page and tell us about the house that’s vacant, needs repair, or just needs to be sold fast. It would be helpful to include the owner’s name and contact info, and any information about the house, including why the owner needs to sell. Someone will respond to your email and follow up with any further questions about the house or how to get in touch with the owner. We would like you to stay involved in the process to make sure the deal gets done. After an agreement is reached, the official transaction usually takes place about 2 weeks later. That’s the day that you receive the $1,000 for referring us to the person who sold us the house.