Questions Tenants Should Ask Landlords

Trying to qualify to rent a home can feel like a job interview. We know it can be frustrating fielding the qualification criteria from potential landlords, but if it is the right house for you, it is certainly worth it. Don’t be discouraged, a careful landlord that won’t just hand over the keys to anyone IS A GOOD SIGN! However, don’t be afraid to ask some questions and be sure it is the right place for you. Finding the right house and landlord will be well worth every extra step!

Here are some questions tenants should ask landlords :

1. What are the qualifications to rent this house? It can be a huge time saver to know upfront if you qualify!

2. When is it available to move in? Will you hold it until the date I’m ready to move in?

3. How long is the initial price locked in?

4. What are your policies regarding a security deposit?

5. What is your pet policy?

6. What kind of extra fees are there?

7. Who is responsible for utilities?

8. Who is responsible for lawn care?

9. What appliances are included?

10. Do you offer an electronic rent payment option? This may seem like a silly detail, but it doesn’t take long for it to become an inconvenience to bring a check to your landlord every month.

11. Who do I contact for any maintenance requests and what is the best method of contact? If you have ever tried to contact someone to repair a rental home before, you understand exactly how important this is!

12. Will you show the house to a prospective tenant while I’m still living there? Many landlords require you to allow showings so they can minimize vacancy time. At Strike First Properties, we will never require this.

Wondering what our policies are at Strike First Properties? You can find all of those details in full transparency here.

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