A Few Things to Look Out For When Buying a Home

Buying a new home can be so exciting…and nerve-wrecking! While you are having fun touring houses and considering all of your options, here are some potential red flags to look out for. 1. Only a few photos showing the home  Every seller wants to highlight the best qualities of their home to buyers. So….if there … Continued

Ideas to Transform Your Backyard Space

We are all so dang tired of being home, I know! This summer, getaways are not as available as they usually are. So we were thinking it may be nice to make your backyards a more iniviting space. Here are some ideas: 1. Add privacy and greenery with a vertical garden Consider adding some kind … Continued

Learn How to Maximize Your Home’s “Screen Appeal”

It’s no secret that social distancing creates some unique challenges if you are trying to sell your home. Showings are far from practical- this makes it vital to enhance the online presentation of your home. Learn how to maximize your home’s screen appeal by doing some of these things: Aggressive Decluttering- It is time to … Continued

Questions Tenants Should Ask Landlords

Trying to qualify to rent a home can feel like a job interview. We know it can be frustrating fielding the qualification criteria from potential landlords, but if it is the right house for you, it is certainly worth it. Don’t be discouraged, a careful landlord that won’t just hand over the keys to anyone … Continued

Tips to Lower Your Utility Bill

Are those energy bills already zapping your summer fun? Great news – there are some home updates, inexpensive projects, and even minor changes in routine that can create notable savings. Try these savvy energy-saving tips to lower your utility bill. Consider looking for an energy-efficient home House hunting is absolutely about finding a place that looks … Continued

Ways to Make Your Work-At-Home Space Work for You

Remember when working at home sounded so nice? Wearing sweats to work and ditching that commute seemed like the high life. Of course, that was before you discovered all of the challenges – between juggling all of your responsibilities and being met with a continuous stream of distractions… it is not so easy to buckle … Continued

Why We Don’t Use Property Managers

Many landlords don’t like to manage their own properties. Instead they hire a professional property manager to do the job. We don’t do that, and there are important reasons why we don’t use property managers.   Property managers are not responsible for the costs associated with the property repairs, but they collect 10% of the … Continued

Dine In Options for Denison, TX

Who the heck is open!?! You keep hearing that restaurants are opening but it is near impossible to keep straight who is open, closed or carry out only! It is enough to make your head spin. If you are just sick of cooking and cleaning up the kitchen, you are in luck. We have compiled … Continued

How Will the Pandemic Effect the Real Estate Market?

There are many people talking about the economic impact of COVID-19.  One of the most prominent topics is real estate, since it’s such an important part of our economy. How will the pandemic effect the real estate market? With unemployment dropping to historic lows, it might be assumed that residential real estate is ready to … Continued

Top Outbreak Movies

Over it? Are you completely sick of the news and discussing this virus from every angle imaginable? This is not meant to be insensitive. Calm down Mom, we do acknowledge this is a very serious situation. However, sometimes you need a break from the seriousness! So here is a list of top outbreak movies to … Continued