Texas Lifts the Stay-At-Home Order!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced plans to strategically re-open the Texas economy. Did you miss half of what he said because the kids needed teaching, a friend or a referee? Don’t worry, we know how many hats you are currently wearing. Here is a quick break down. Texas lifts the stay-at-home order. While some of … Continued

How to Stop Forclosure

“They’re making threats!” She cried. You wouldn’t believe the things they will say to you when you get behind on property taxes and mortgage payments. I have heard some pretty horrible things over the years but it still made me sad to hear the things they were saying to Phyllis. But she didn’t know how … Continued

How is the Real Estate Market Doing?

How is the real estate market doing? Did it catch the virus? It would be a gross understatement to say we are living in uncertain times. With all of the fear and panic, how do we know where we actually stand? While most of America is stir-crazy at home, who is possibly going to see … Continued

How to Sell Your House with No Showings

Home sellers are feeling a bit uneasy about the direction of the real estate market these days. Showings on many listed homes have slowed to a trickle and buyers who are previewing seem hesitant to make a quick offer. How in the world can you sell a home that you can’t show? Social distancing is … Continued

84 Things to do with Kids during the Covid-19 Quarantine!

Staying home with kids for an extended period of time can be hard! Out of ideas? We want to help. Here is an extensive list of things for you to do with your kids. I think you will enjoy some of them too…don’t be afraid to have fun. 84 Things to do with Kids during … Continued

What To Do If You Inherit a House

What To Do If You Inherit a House You have inherited a house. This is way more complicated than monopoly! You can move in, rent it or sell it. I don’t want the weight of these decisions to be more stressful than necessary so let’s explore the options together. Moving In? Pros: Keeping the house in … Continued

5 Things You Must Do If You Want to Buy a House This Year

Want to buy a house this year? Here are 5 things you must do if you want to buy a house this year! 1. Stay Planted Employment history and income are two of the main things lenders look at when considering your mortgage application. A new job may be a good career move, but if … Continued

Which Closing Costs Are Covered by the Seller?

Are you wanting to sell your house but you have questions about closing costs? That’s totally understandable. Most people don’t know what is included…Here is a basic breakdown to help you out. Which closing costs are covered by the seller Title search fee The cost to pull the public property records and deed records and … Continued

What Makes A Good Tenant?

Wondering what makes a good tenant? Many people assume that a landlord just cares about the rent money, and will take any candidate who has enough money to pay rent and security deposit before moving in. And at first glance, maybe all prospective tenants are the same, as long as they have the required money. … Continued

Are Zillow Prices Accurate?

Have you ever looked at your “Zestimate” and thought you were in great standing, only to be told by a realtor or home buyer that may not be the case? It is far too often that the actual value is not what shows up on Zillow. Huge bummer! Are Zillow prices accurate? …In Texas, usually … Continued