Landlord Policies

  1. NO SMOKING INSIDE THE HOUSE, which includes at the door/entryway of the house. No exceptions. Violations of this policy are grounds for termination of the lease with no security deposit returned.
  2. No home-based businesses that require clients or vendors of any kind to come to the property are permitted. Violations of this policy are grounds for termination of the lease with no security deposit returned.
  3. The rent amount listed on the property website is our base price for monthly rent. Extra charges are as follows:
    1. Sign 1-year lease instead of 2-year lease ($50 per month). This is offered on lease renewals only.
    2. Each pet ($30 per month)
    3. Lawn service ($50 per month). This becomes mandatory if lawn is not kept to satisfaction of landlord and a revised lease must be signed.
  4. “Strike First Properties” yard sign must be kept in front yard at all times. Violations of this policy may result in $50 fines per incident.
  5. Security deposit is one month’s rent. A full month’s rent plus security deposit must be paid in full before move-in. If you move in during the middle of a month, a partial month’s rent will be due for the second month.
  6. We welcome cats and small dogs of 50 pounds or less. Dogs weighing more than 50 pounds will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. There is no additional deposit for pets, but there is a small extra charge each month (see above). If additional pets are added after the lease is signed, contact us immediately at We must be notified whenever a new pet is added. Limit of 3 pets per house. Violations of the pet policies are grounds for termination of the lease with no security deposit returned.
  7. Monthly pet fees are waived for service animals and emotional support animals. To verify the need for such an animal, a letter from a medical doctor or psychologist on appropriate letterhead must be provided. The reason for needing such an animal should not be included on the letter.
  8. We provide a range/stove, and usually a microwave and dishwasher in our rental properties. We do not provide a refrigerator or washer/dryer, but all properties do have washer/dryer hookups.
  9. Trampolines and swimming pools of any kind are not allowed on the property. No structures (including but not limited to treehouses, greenhouses, swing sets, skateboard ramps, etc) of any kind may be built anywhere on the property. If any such structure is discovered, it will be removed at tenant expense PLUS a $200 service charge.
  10. Portable heaters of any kind are not allowed. This is for safety reasons. If the central heating system is not working, please contact us immediately.
  11. Every 3 months, we will come to the house to change the AC filter. On these visits, we will also look for maintenance issues, evidence of smoking and unregistered pets. If any damage caused by the tenant is noted, payment is due within 14 days. The money cannot be taken out of the security deposit.
  12. All maintenance requests must be submitted in writing via email, text message, or the online tenant portal. No maintenance requests will be accepted via phone, with the exception of fire or flood. If there is running water in the house where it isn’t supposed to be, the tenant is responsible for turning off the water at the street with the shut-off tool provided at move-in.
  13. All vehicles must be parked in the garage, driveway or on the street. Absolutely no vehicles may be parked on the grass, or other areas not meant for vehicles. Not even temporarily.
  14. Tenant is responsible for any plumbing stoppages caused by tenant, per the plumbing repair report. Tenant is to pay full amount of reimbursement with the following month’s rent. If tenant fails to do so, rent will be considered late, and late fees will begin to accumulate.
  15. We do not accept Section 8 (HUD). We do not offer houses rent-to-own.
  16. Tenants are responsible for all utilities (water, electricity, gas), and must activate utilities in their own name no later than the next business day after moving in. Tenants are also responsible for mowing the grass and keeping shrubs trimmed.
  17. Tenants are responsible for changing batteries for smoke alarms (every 6 months). Smoke alarms may not be disabled at any time.
  18. Tenants are required to check email daily for property notices. Not checking email is not an excuse for failure to receive information from a landlord. If your email changes, contact us immediately at
  19. Items not covered in the lease documents signed at move-in are covered by the Texas Property Code.