Hire a Realtor

When you are looking to sell a property, you have many options.
At Strike First Properties, we like to share all the choices you have as a homeowner so that you can choose the path that makes the most sense for you and your family. That might mean selling your house directly to Strike First Properties, with a quick sale and a cash deal. But it might mean selling it with a realtor.

Selling a house with a realtor, instead of selling to Strike First Properties, is the best decision when your circumstances are as follows:

  1. When selling your house for “top dollar” is your #1 priority
  2. Your house is in good to excellent condition, and needs little to no repairs
  3. Showings to potential buyers are not an inconvenience
  4. You don’t mind waiting 1-2 months to close the sale

If you’ve decided to list your house with a realtor, what are some things that you look for when choosing which realtor to hire? Each seller has different views on this, but we find that most people want the following things:

  1. Someone who will get the most money for your house
  2. Someone who you trust to represent you with integrity
  3. Someone who communicates frequently, and is always available
  4. Someone who isn’t going to delegate your listing to a colleague

Kathleen Tredwell of eXp Realty is your best choice, whether you are buying or selling. Kathleen is the exclusive realtor of Strike First Properties, but also works with other North Texas clients. She is careful not to work with too many people at one time, because she wants to make sure she gives EACH client the best service. That’s simply impossible if a realtor is stretched too thin with too many clients.

Kathleen has had real estate in her life for many years. Both of her parents were realtors, and she completed her first house “flip” with her husband, Pete, now a full-time investor, in 2005. Before she was a realtor, she was a middle school health and physical education teacher for 11 years. While in college, she earned NCAA All-American honors as a volleyball player, which led to her induction in two different halls of fame. Now, she and her husband enjoy watching their two daughters play sports in their free time.

Are you ready to talk about how Kathleen can help you sell your house for the most money? Call or text her today at (972) 930-5281. Even if you just want to consider your options and see what she does that other realtors don’t, contact her right away and she will be happy to schedule a meeting, then do a no-obligation market analysis.

If you want a hassle-free realtor experience, your best choice is to hire Kathleen Tredwell to represent you. Call or text her today at (972) 930-5281.