The Seller I Just Had to Help

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For as long as I live, I can NEVER forget meeting her. Or her home. I expected a regular home visit – ya know, the kind where I shake someone’s hand, walk through their home quickly  (so as not to be too intrusive), leave, return home to do my homework and get them a quote as quickly as possible. While this is how many of them go, it is all too often that these home-owners are doing more than merely inviting me into their dwelling…they are inviting me into their life. That is exactly why this business can never JUST be about money. I am humbled by those that choose to trust me when they are feeling vulnerable and incredibly grateful when I am able to help someone in need.

Knocking on Pam’s door (let’s call her Pam) ,  there was no way of knowing what was waiting on the other side.


Her house was falling apart…and so was she!

The walls and floors were NOWHERE in sight. Some joke about being hoarders – this was no joke. It was the real deal. Pam’s house was not only overtaken with the possessions of her life, it was in unbelievable disrepair. It was hard to even look at the house when I could see so much pain in her eyes.

That day, Pam shared with me her hardships. She had been fighting for a long time as a survivor of sexual abuse, a bad marriage, having her son incarcerated, and trying to make ends meet on a disability check. Her electricity was about to be cut off and she couldn’t even wait two weeks to close. She needed $1200 immediately.


It was a huge risk, but I couldn’t unsee her pain. She needed help and it had to be me. I had to help.

I took a huge leap of faith and paid her $1200 right then. (I paid her more later, don’t worry.) For anyone that may not know, this is NOT how it works. We pay at closing. If the title had not been clear on the house for any reason, which does happen, I would have lost that money. GULPThankfully, it did all work out. Thankfully, I was able to help her out of an awful situation. Thankfully, I do get opportunities to do something that matters. THANKFUL. That is the only word I have after a transaction like this.

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