Texas Lifts the Stay-At-Home Order!

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced plans to strategically re-open the Texas economy. Did you miss half of what he said because the kids needed teaching, a friend or a referee? Don’t worry, we know how many hats you are currently wearing. Here is a quick break down.

Texas lifts the stay-at-home order.

While some of us can’t wait to break free of cabin fever, there are some who read the headline and choked. Is it too soon? I am here to tell you, the Governor did address that concern as well.

“We’re not just going to pen up and hope for the best,” Abbott said. “We’re going to open in way that will also contain the virus and keep us safe.”

He added: “A more strategic approach is required so that we don’t open only to close down again.”

“We will open in a way that employs safe standards,” says Abbott, noting that places like China and Singapore have seen a second wave of infections after reopening too early. “There is a reason why all businesses in Texas can’t reopen all at once.”


Among the first to welcome back patrons are places like retail stores, restaurants and movie theaters. They may open up to customers at a 25% capacity by Friday May 1.

During this announcement, officials also noted that you will not be mandated to wear a mask. While masks are highly encouraged, there will be no penalty should you opt out.

Additionally, hospitals must contiinue to reserve 50 percent of their capacity for COVID-19 patients.

For all of you that are dying to get your hair cut, I regret to inform you…we still have to wait for that. However, librairies and museums have been permitted to open. You will now have somewhere to take your kids! (Even with over-grown hair.)

While churches and places of worship were allowed to stay open, they are now being allowed to expand their capacity as long as they follow safe social distancing protocol.

Keep in mind, this is only phase one of a strategy. Abbott noted that by May 18, if there are no new spikes of contagion in Texas than he will move on to phases two of the plan, which almost businesses to operate at 50 percent capacity.

Bottom line – we are proceeding with caution…On We Go!

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