Why Some Landlords Don’t Allow Some Dog Breeds

Have you experienced the frustration of trying to qualify for a great rental with your pup? I know! It is so hard to believe that your sweet fur baby would be considered a threat! So, what’s the big idea here? Dog breeds are typically restricted because of a perceived tendency to be aggressive or attack, or sometimes if they’re particularly large or strong. This minimizes the risk of someone getting injured or the property being damaged. (Did you hear me say “perceived”? Ok, good! Don’t yell at me.)

Here are some reasons why your K-9 bud may not make the cut:

  1. Legislation. Some cities and counties have enacted breed-specific legislation that can ban breeds from even entering the city or county limits.
    2. Insurance companies. Many insurance companies have blacklists that the buildings or apartments they insure must abide by.
    3. Landlord’s Choice.Finally, breed restrictions may be the decision of the building’s landlord or management company.

Will my dog be allowed?

Wondering if your loyal companion is going to be rejected?  While Pit Bulls are the most commonly banned of dog breeds, here is a list of  others that get the boot:
● Mastiffs
● Rottweilers
● Alaskan Malamutes
● Siberian Huskies
● Doberman Pinschers
● Akitas
● Chows
● German Shepherds
● Great Danes
● Terriers
● Bulldogs
● Wolf Hybrids

All this being said, each property and landlord has unique requirements. Knowing that it is their money on the line, it is hard to blame their discretion. However, it is not completely out of your hands. If your pup is truly harmless, consider creating a little doggy resume to submit with your application. No need to write an essay, but do include vet records and references. With any luck, if you are a good candidate, they may be willing to meet your dog and let his sweet personality speak for itself!

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